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""THE NIGHT WAS SIMPLY GOLDEN." One of the BEST shows I've seen, ever! (And you know I really like my music community and all the really great singer/songwriters out there! :) And I am hugely fond of many.) Margaret Belton ripped it up singing Patsy Cline. Sublime. Superb. She simply could not have been any better!!! And the band ~ Whoaaa. Margaret, your voice, your singing, your presence.... I'm only sorry I didn't go both nights. I will see you again doing your Patsy tribute. WOW." 

~ Marlene Aron


"Margaret Belton. Chanteuse extraordinaire and a radiant soul with a smile that lights up the stage and makes us all feel alright. A warm contralto voice that soars from a powerful growl to sultry to sweet, and the most lovely stage presence—well, there’s just no one like her in all the world."

 - Kathryne Cassis


"From her shy, slightly sad, smile to her down-home warmth, Belton charms the audience before she even begins to sing. And when she does, she caresses with her warm vocal tones, bending notes and delivery of emotion-packed numbers, just as the real Cline once did." - Sally Hogarty ~Mercury News


"Portraying Cline, Margaret Belton creates a significant part of the success of the show by not merely attempting to do a cold impersonation of Cline's distinctive voice. Instead, Belton uses her own voice, striking precisely the right vocal balance, capturing those sweet contralto notes but assertively sultry tone that enlivened Cline's songs. From the rousing opening number, " Belton brings both a powerful voice and presence to the stage." - NOLA.com 


"The first female solo artist inducted (posthumously) to the Country Music Hall of Fame, it's no small task for anyone to take on Cline’s oeuvre. Fortunately, a modern-day singer,Margaret Belton, is up to the task. Graced with a warm, powerful and supple voice as well as riveting stage presence, Belton is not only reviving Patsy Cline's musical legacy, she's making it her own.  On Mother's Day Weekend, Belton and an all-star band of Bay Area musicians romped through 18 Cline favorites in the tribute, "Today, Tomorrow & Forever."  Leading off with a faithful rendition of "Sweet Dreams," honoring the mothers in the audience with "Back in Baby's Arms," and romping through "Lovesick Blues," Belton faithfully revived the spirit of Cline. The night was simply golden: a fitting and glorious celebration of Belton's dedication to Cline's legacy thus far and perhaps a hint of what is yet to come."

Deborah Crooks, No Depression